A compilation of some of my most watched stories from my YouTube channel!

Surviving Nights Lane By: RoseReese
Remember, Be Safe..Not Sorry! #TeamFEAR

Hostile Intent:Crisis In The Kiamitchis! Written By:David Holley.

It Walk’s among us!

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Remember, Be Safe..Not Sorry! #TeamFEAR

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In this series we hear from a man who has left the army and pursued his fascination with Cryptid’s, particularly The Wendigo that annihilated his team. As he descends in into the Darkest corners of the Web, he comes across a File On Cryptid’s In A chat room for Morticians, he is allowed exclusive insight in to the world of cover up operations and Cryptid related Topics.


This One Left More Than A Tear In My Eye! #TeamFEAR
  1. My bad, forgot to post how much I enjoyed listening to this story! Busy weekend! Would love more stories like…



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